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Noun. Modifying one's behavior in an alien setting
to accommodate norms for appropriate behavior.

Students who shuttle between their inner-city neighborhoods and the white suburban schools, in pursuit of a better education, find themselves swapping elements of culture, language, and behavior to fit in with their suburban counterparts. They may act or speak differently based on where they are, called code-switching.

Shuttling between my neighborhood and white suburban schools, I felt like I didn't belong anywhere.
The METCO program needs some help. If we don't fix what's wrong, how is it gonna get better? It starts with the students and alumni.
The families in the suburbs were standoffish 'cause they watched the news. But then somebody's mom would scramble you eggs. They opened up their homes and hearts.
They all wanted me to play basketball for the team, but I was into manga and anime. Not only did I surprise people, I kinda disappointed them.